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It has been said there are two innate fears we are born with. Fear of falling and fear of loud unexpected noise. However our biggest fear is one we developed ourselves and we all have it in varying degrees. It is the fear of public speaking. Yes folks most people would rather be in the coffin than giving the eulogy.

Before Peter Eedy began doing Host A Murder some 30 years ago. He was a personal communication consultant and by the third time he had observed Host A Murder being played he realised that the game had the power to turn the shiest introvert into a raving extrovert in 2.5 hours.

Not only did the game overcome peoples fear of public speaking it was a hilarious ice breaker, a great team building experience and improved peoples listening skills.

‘I did not realise the full potential of the game to both improve people’s performance in the work place and save a company money until I got a call from Leonie Cribbon the head staff trainer for Telecom in New South Wales some 25 years ago requesting that I put on a Host A Murder dinner for 25 trainers who did not know one another and were about to embark on a 11 day train the trainer course.’

She wanted something on the first night of the course that could open the team up to free flowing communication, the night went very well and every body was communicating very happily when Peter left Bostok house the Telecom training centre at the end of the Host A Murder dinner.

‘5 days into the course I got a phone call from Leonie saying: “I do not know how to thank you enough”. I was a little taken back as this was the first volunteer feedback from a corporate event I had received’. Leonie went on to say “you don’t know it but you saved our company a lot of money” she exclaimed. “The level of communication that you created with the team on that first night has remained with them up to now. They are relating to one another like they have known each other all their lives. That Host A Murder dinner was the best ice breaker I have ever seen. I am going to send you a letter of acknowledgment.”

From that point on we never stopped using Host A Murder as either a team building experience or to launch workshops seminars etc. If companies could only understand its potential especially when you have large seminar or workshops and people attending are strangers and have to interact and have discussions during the workshop. For example I have attended several real estate investment workshops with people like John Burly, Robert Kiyosaki, Dolf de Roos and during these weekends we had to break into groups and share ideas, discuss strategies and exchange experiences etc. By putting the Host A Murder dinner on the first night of a seminar or workshop it would of overcome peoples fear of talking openly to one another it could change the whole outcome of the event, transforming it from a good experience to an amazing event.

Since alcohol and education do not mix any intoxicating beverages would not be served during the game. This way the positive changes in communication would be permanent and run through the whole event and not improve communication with Dutch Courage (getting intoxicated in order to over come your fear of social interacting) but create a permanent change for the better with peoples communication’s skills.

Host A Murder team building is available seven days a week, lunches or dinners for companies who are serious about getting better communication between upper and middle management between one department and another and within a department.

We are so confident about getting results; we offer a money back guarantee if corporations are not satisfied with our services. We feel we have not only located a major problem confronting most companies today, we also have a solution to those problems. 

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