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Staywell now part of Seibu Holdings and Prince Hotels

Japan's Prince Hotels pays $50m for Staywell Hospitality

Japanese hotel group Prince Hotels, a subsidiary of listed conglomerate Seibu Holdings, has snapped up Australian-based operator Staywell Hospitality Group in a $50 million deal that will see it gain control of 30 hotels including 12 in Australia. Staywell co-founder and managing director Simon Wan said the investment in the business would help its ambitions to grow to 100 hotels worldwide in the next few years.


cbd, 2000, Sydney

Harbour Kitchen Melbourne's Most Exciting Event Space

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is just around the corner! Our all inclusive Festive Packages are designed to be easy and affordable.

From $89.00 per person, our F.estive Packages include venue hire, Christmas menu and beverage package (for mid week lunch and dinner events). 

Availability is limited for the Festive Season! Enquire today

Melbourne City

southbank, melbourne

Alexia Routley Charitable Board Member Fauna & Flora International Melbourne, Australia

Fauna & Flora International’s work spans across the globe, with over 100 projects in nearly 40 countries, mostly in the developing world. We proudly stand up for biodiversity and aim to show just how relevant it is to all of those who share the planet.


Fauna & Flora International, 3000, melbourne

Tony Hachem

Managing Director at Hachem Management Group Pty Ltd Melbourne, Australia
Life as a global poker player, combined with 20 years of experience in the corporate landscape, PR management and media has inspired the launch of the Hachem Management Group.


Charter House Suite 1, 4 Banks Place , 3000, melbourne

Website: www.hachemgroup.com.au

Linda Millard

I have a wealth of event management experience (nationally and internationally) where I am a consistently striving to ensure the next event is better than my last. I am always putting pressure on myself which, demonstrates to my client, I will provide another flawless event.

A reputation for strong negotiation skills in all facets of event management, which builds and maintains positive relationships with clients and suppliers.


corporate Blue, 3000, Melbourne


Get introduced to the MICE Industry

Connect via LinkedInno fees

Another great Familclub service! 




Familclub, 2259, Sydney

Phone: 02 4353 0313
Website: www.familclub.com.au
Email: info@familclub.com.au

QT Melbourne

Designer hotel brand QT Hotels & Resorts latest flagship property, QT Melbourne, has been recognised for its commitment to delivering the highest level of service at the Tourism Accommodation Awards for Excellence last night, awarded Deluxe Accommodation Hotel of the Year 2017.

Perfectly groomed and immaculately accessorised QT Melbourne shimmers within the high-end fashion district of Australia’s most creatively charged city.

Melbourne City

CBD, 3000, Melbourne

Familclub Famil Tours Available

REGISTER TO ATTEND! Cairns, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hunter, Western Sydney, ACT, Geelong, WA,  Auckland and UK

Breakfasts, Luncheons, Launches, Expos, Road Shows, Showcases, Soirees, Site inspections, Famils and Hosted buyer programs!

We also arrange destination tours and meetings of venues that meet your search criterior!

No fees or commission just smiles!



Familclub, 2259, Sydney

Phone: 02 4353 0313
Website: www.familclub.com.au
Email: info@familclub.com.au

Natalia Bugeja

Natalia has a unique gift in speaking and showing individuals how to cultivate the power of their mind in achieving exactly what they want. Also a qualified Health professional, speaker, coach, consultant and mentor, Natalia is committed to showing individuals exactly how to achieve the square of life; health, wealth, love and perfect self expression. As a certified facilitator and student of Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher, Natalia will not just teach you but help you understand and achieve your perfect square of life.

Melbourne City

Proctor Gallagher Institute, 3000, Melbourne

Carly Adler AFMEA

Having worked in the hospitality and business events sector for many years, Carly brought her business events background to the forefront of business travel providing solutions with in the corporate, educational and MICE markets.


FCM Travel Solutions, 3000, Melbourne

Max Wald Owner, Creative Director of Clymax Event Design South Melbourne

CX Event Design is a Melbourne based event design, styling and project management company that specialises in crafting inspirational on-trend creative solutions to reflect their clients unique event objectives.


cx event designb, 3004, south melbourne

Aileen (Martin) Cobern Tourism Industry Leader

Industry leader in tourism with comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience spanning 30 years.


CBD, 3000, Melbourne

Dr Sally Shaw Skin Cancer Doctor & Principle Owner at The Wellness Manor

Sally is an entreprenuer with a passion for medicine and tourism. She has a been a leader in the field of skin cancer medicine founding the award-winning Peninsula Skin Cancer Centre's in Mornington and Frankston.


The Wellness Manor, Melbourne

Hotel Indigo Melbourne

No two neighborhoods are alike. Neither are any two Hotel Indigo® properties. When you stay with us, you’re not just staying anywhere, you’re staying somewhere—within a vibrant community, in a unique boutique hotel that combines authentic local experiences, modern design and intimate service with the peace of mind and consistency of staying with one of the world’s largest hotel groups. 

Melbourne City

Docklands, 3000, melbourne

Phone: 61299358319
Email: chris.waite@ihg.com

Park Regis Griffin Suites Melbourne

Close to Albert Park in St Kilda Road's business precinct, it's also just minutes from the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Theatre Company, Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Royal Botanic Gardens, Crown Casino, MCG, Chapel Street and popular restaurants and cafes. A StayWell Hospitality Group Property

Melbourne City

604 St Kilda Road, 3004, Melbourne

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