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Elliot Goblet Comedian/MC
A Rare Offer
Book Elliot Goblet by August 15 for any future event (as opposed to any past event)
and enjoy a 15% fee discount.

International , 3000, Australia

Dr Kirstin Ferguson Non Executive Director | Keynote Speaker & MC | Author | Brisbane, Australia

Dr Kirstin Ferguson is an independent, non-executive director with 10 yrs experience on ASX100, ASX200, government, not-for-profit and significant private company boards. Kirstin has held a large number of Board Committee Chair roles, particularly of Remuneration and People Committees.

During her executive career, Kirstin was the CEO of an international consulting organisation and she has experience as a senior executive experience in a professional services environment. The earlier part of Kirstin's career was spent as an Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force.


ABC, 4000, Brisbane

Sam Cawthorn Master Professional Speaker Trainer & incubator for potential talent Sydney, Australia

Have you ever wanted to learn how to get your message out into the world fast?

Have you considered learning the secrets to speaking and becoming a professionally paid speaker?

Are you sick and tired of the one to one coaching and want to learn to do more one to many?

I've had the privilege to coach the best and most high demand speakers in the world, from olympians, to Business Executives, high school teachers and ordinary people, to become highly paid influential global professional speakers.


Speaker Institute, 2000, Sydney

Last Ditch Pitch - Introducing Elliot Epstein

High Stakes Sales Expert | Speaker Trainer | CEO, Salient Communication
For those of us with children, Parent- Teacher nights are either filled with anxiety that your offspring inherited their brains from the dumb side of the family (a.k.a your partner’s side) or they are as boring as a documentary on the history of plankton.

But when a respected teacher says ‘ Look, I think your child is behind in this subject’, your nervous system is likely to go into overdrive as you frantically discuss what you, the school, the teachers and tutors need to do to prevent ultimate disaster – a future flipping burgers or worse, ending up as a Member of Parliament.


Salient Communication , 3000, Melbourne

Matina Jewell International Keynote Speaker & Facilitator New South Wales, Australia

During her 15 year military career, Matina Jewell tracked down warlords, worked with the US Navy SEALs & SAS, fast-roped out of helicopters onto ships and led a UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon where she found herself thrown into the middle of a devastating war between the Hezbollah and Israel. Her team-mates – her ‘bothers’ - were tragically killed.

Matina suffered debilitating injuries ending her military service.


north coast

Belinda (Busoli) Moore Professional speaker, author, and consultant specialising in membership and association turnarounds. Brisbane, Australia

Belinda is passionate about associations, charities and other not-for-profit organisations - and the critical role they play in fostering a healthy, vibrant, inclusive and sustainable society.

Belinda has been involved in the sector in a wide variety of capacities since the early 1990s. She is Australasia’s foremost membership specialist and has assisted thousands of member-based not-for-profit organisations with their challenges. She specialises in training, motivating and up-skilling boards, staff and volunteers to improve membership performance.


national, 4000, Brisbane

Adam Mate All Mates Motivational and inspirational speaker!!! Melbourne, Australia

After surviving a massive Brain Hemeriage at the age of 11yo, I feel it a privilege to work as a Stroke Ambassador and give back to people who may go through such an experience or how to best prevent it happening to you. I feel my life story is inspirational as well as educational. I hope to show that after a brain injury their still can be life afterwards.


All mates Motivational, 3000, Melbourne

Tara Diversi Entrepreneurship Facilitator at YEP Researcher Speaker Facilitator Author Nutritionist Cairns, Queensland, Australia

When someone asks me what I do, I am immediately grateful for all the cool stuff that I have done, and get to do. Everyday I get to do what I love, with people I want to work with. I'm an advocate for young people in entrepreneurship, and for health professionals in business and leadership.


YEP, cairns

Michelle Stanton Michelle Stanton Founder of Zonehigh. Speaker, Author, Mentor. Gets people in the Zone. Adelaide, Australia

I am the founder and CEO of Zonehigh, an organisation dedicated to transforming the culture of companies and countries so that everyone is ready and willing to innovate in every area of business and life.


In the Zone, 5000, Adelaide

Trish (Wicks) Springsteen Mentoring Introverts Authors Advocates To Leverage Your Business With Speaking And Communication - Believe Act Share Caboolture South, Queensland, Australia

Gold Winner - Women World Awards 2016 - Mentor of the Year

Do you feel invisible? Do you feel no-one listens to you? Are you worried because you have no sales? – perhaps your books are sitting on shelves, in boxes or up on Amazon and nothing is happening. Do you feel vulnerable, tongue-tied, self-conscious about speaking to groups?

Perhaps you currently present but lack confidence in your skills. Or maybe you would like to learn how to showcase your business through speaking but have no idea how to do so with confidence.


caboulture, Brisbane

Melissa Griffiths

Transgender Authority. Global Goodwill Ambassador Australia. Chairperson, Consultant, Entrepreneur & Author. Keynote & Motivational Speaker. MC. Media Commentator. YGap Ambassador. Actress. 22,450+ Connections.


3000, melbourne

Elliot Goblet Has A Very Different View Of The World



Chris De Havilland Entertainer & Impersonator

You may have seen him advertising over 50's insurance or Emceeing a mayor event as James Bond, Rod Stewart, Kevin Rudd or Ozzie Osbourne but now you can see Chris De Havilland as the Unreal Donald Trump


PO box 1573, 2550, gosford

Ever Wondered Who Supports the Familclub

Established in 2002 Familclub educates the business event industry free of charge  


35,500 MICE Members, Australia and NZ

Martin Morris Executive Chair Brisbane, Australia

Martin Morris ( MJ /mJm/Marty) is renowned as a master salesperson, entrepreneur, trainer/educator/coach and an expert in the facilitation of business connections and strategic futures planning and is sought after

as a speaker on leadership, sales, capitalisation and executive performance competencies for corporate growth.


martin J morris & co, 4000, brisbane

Derrick McManus

Founder of The Australian Centre for Human Durability, International keynote speaker, facilitator and author. I have a personal story of surviving being shot 14 times in less than 5 seconds and then lying on the ground for 3 hours before rescue. This story epitomises Durability, optimum performance under pressure, overcoming adversities and defying the odds. The philosophy of Durability is now backed by world first University research.


Australian Centre for Human Durability, 5000, adelaide

Steven Bradbury

Successful people don't sell on websites or social media they make appointments to meet you face to face!


Global events, 4000, Brisbane

Phone: 02 4353 0313

Bygone Beauty's

If theatrics and grandeur is your cup of tea, you’ll be absolutely thrilled to discover Bygone Beautys’ Traditional High Tea.

Set amongst the backdrop of a unique and charming old-world dining room, your waiter, complete with top hat and tails, will deliver this decadent delight to your table with a degree of pomp and circumstance.

Blue Mountains

20-22 Grose street, 2780, leura

Business Barter Exchange

We are celebrating 24 years in business from humble beginnings to a staff of 1,250 with 14,000 members that support us!
We would love to showcase our business to your management! So let's Meet - its our shout - for Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner!


numerous offices, 2000, Sydney

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